2019 Honda Civic

Based on information we received, the 2019 Honda Civic will likely be released in late summer 2018 with all the specifications, performances, and features that were updated. With MPG: 28/36/31, this car will be sold at prices starting from $ 17.200 – $ 28.100 that the 2019 Honda Civic DX sedan to be costing $ 17.200 with the five-speed manual transmission possibly at $ 17.900 with all the five-speed automatic. Alternatively, its estimated price for your 2019 Civic DX coupe is $ 17.900 with the 2019 Civic DX manual and automatic is $ 17.700. 2019 Honda Civic LX sedan is $ 19.200 with manual transmission and $ 19.900 with automatic, and estimated for 2019 Civic LX coupe is $ 19,000 with the manual and $ 19.800 with automatic. 2019 Civic LX coupe with manual transmission is $ 19,000 and $ 19.800 with automatic. The 2019 Honda Civic Hybrid Should starts around $ 25.400. Estimated price while using leather upholstery is $ 26.500 along with the navigation system it’s $ 26.900. Both with leather and navigation, expect the 2019 Civic Hybrid to become priced around $ 28.100.

Body Style

There’s no styling changes will be in they for 2019 Honda Civic, nevertheless the 2019 Civic will never be one of many more impressive compacts for interior decoration except Honda revamps class of materials found in the cabin. Such changes can be highly unusual for the car only in the second model year. But when Honda decide that enough buyers were switched off with the abundance of difficult to touch the counter, the development of an unexpected emergency panel could institute a much more tender and rich fabrics to version 2019. Honda will not be able to perform much concerning the Civic love-it-or-hate-it bi-level style of the dashboard. An evolution in the arrangements designed by the models 2012, 2019 Honda Civic will continue with two floors in the instrument panel that puts the digital speedometer in a bay together with an analog tachometer.

Performances Specifications

All models can have a 2019 Honda Civic front-wheel drive and four-cylinder engine. DX, LX, HF, EX, and EX-L Citizenship will repeat while using smooth running single-overhead-cam 1.8-liter that should stay at 140 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque. In transmission, the greater the quantity of gear ratios the greater the opportunity to make use of the most effective machine. Honda insisted over a five-speed transmission provides desired performance and fuel economy at no additional cost and complexity from the speed six. In 2019 Honda Civic, a five-speed automatic will likely be available again which has a surcharge on DX and LX models and comes standard on HF, EX, and EX-L model.

2019 Honda Civic

2019 Honda Civic Si might be kept just with a six-speed manual transmission, as the 2019 Honda Civic Hybrid will again work with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which acts such as an automatic but having a rheostat-like power delivery as opposed to gear ratio is placed. Don’t anticipate retiring next trip and handling. Road manners should remain among the best in the compact class with remarkable isolation from bumps, the steering is accurate, and confident control from the turns.

Set of safety features standard on every 2019 Honda Civic will again include Honda’s Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) anti-slip control to reduce the potential of side slide. All 2019 Civics will again use a front disc brake to regulate its strategy but unless Honda specification, only the EX, EX-L and Si models will continue with rear disc brakes rather than drum rear brake.


Every 2019 Honda Civic model includes power windows, controls tilt / telescope, and also the front console armrest storage. Honda probably will continue furnishing USB iPod / flash-drive interface as standard on all models except the 2019 Civic DX. Unfortunately, it is usually possible to continue to offer hands-free Bluetooth cellphone connectivity only on EX, EX-L, Si, and Hybrid models. In comparison, Bluetooth is accessible on the level of output of the Hyundai Elantra and Ford Focus, with an optional or standard on every version of the Chevrolet Cruze. Honda can also look just a little stingy when again eliminates exterior temperature readings in 2019 model Civic DX, LX, and HF. Also to increase the flexibility of cargo, 2019 Honda Civic DX, LX, along with the HF model will retain one part folding rear backrest whilst the EX, EX-L and Si models get 60/40 split-folding rear seatbacks. The rear of a corner in the model and Gas main Hybrid won’t fold.

2019 Honda Civic Competitors

Using the various changes which are expected later in 2019 Honda Civic could tackle the 2018 Ford Focus, Chevrolet Cruze, 2019 Hyundai Elantra as well as in industry. Although differing types but the three cars have specifications, performances, and features like the 2019 Honda Civic. When you wait for the 2019 Honda Civic or buy a 2018 Honda Civic?